Family and Pets


As an educator and a mother of two children in Manchester public schools, I’ve seen first-hand the energy, curiosity, and enthusiasm our students bring to school, and the limitless potential they hold for Manchester’s future. But I have also seen the challenges our teachers and administrators face every day in giving them the support they need to truly thrive. That’s why I’m running for School Board — to support our teachers and advocate for our schools so we can ensure that every student in Manchester gets the best education possible.


If you don’t have children in the Manchester School District, you might think the quality of our schools doesn’t affect you. But the quality of Manchester public schools impacts nearly every facet of life in our city and region: from home values and neighborhood stability to the ability of growing businesses to find talented employees and the overall health and well-being of our community.

An investment in our children — an investment in our schools — is an investment in our future. Not just the future of those kids in school, but the future for all of us.

As an aging state (New Hampshire now has the second-highest median age in the country), we need to ensure that young people want to stay here. Strengthening our public schools means not only better outcomes for our students, but also more reason for families to stay, and more incentive for families to move here. Supporting our schools makes a difference to all of us.