Nicole Leapley Will Make Excellent Alderman

Leslie Want

I have had the honor of serving with Dr. Nicole Leapley on the school board since 2020. She is an extremely hard worker, having demonstrated a work ethic above and beyond the average board member. She is so articulate that her comments during meetings often persuade her fellow Board of School Committee colleagues to reconsider their position on a given issue. Nicole is a fierce advocate for her constituents and always looks for common-sense solutions. Dr. Leapley has helped develop important policies to; create equitable opportunities for all students, create systems of accountability that require annual goal setting and reporting of results, and helped develop a board ethics policy. She always asks for information and uses data to make informed decisions.

Her passion for all things Manchester is abundantly evident as she advocates for students and their families. As a former post-secondary educator, she understands that supporting teachers is critical to a successful educational system. She knows that taxpayers also deserve someone to advocate for them at City Hall and has done that by championing the elimination of health insurance coverage for BOSC members that will save the school district a large amount in the years to come.

Nicole lives on the West Side with her husband, Eric, and two children who attend Parkside Middle School and West High School. Nicole will be an asset on the Board of Mayor and Aldermen because of her integral knowledge of the Manchester School District, as well as her experience as a Representative at the State House in Concord. I strongly urge you to support her in the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 7th.

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